DPH3400 - DPH3700

For demanding environments
Thousands of miles of testing have resulted in a diagonal plough for demanding environments with large volumes of snow.
DPH ploughs have a unique design that ejects snow at high speed and at a steep angle.
The unique design helps the snow accelerate out of the plough at high speed. The snow is thrown high and a long way from the road surface.
This means the plough leaves a minimal ploughed edge, which is otherwise a common phenomenon when using conventional ploughs.
Even at low speeds, plough performance is morethan satisfactory.
Unique safety
Like other Mählers products, DPH ploughs are built to be as safe as possible for their immediate surroundings, the plough operator and the vehicle.
Mählers’ design team has achieved this by fitting DPH ploughs with a spring-loaded release system at the base of the plough. The individually released cutter guards prevent damage to the driver, plough and vehicle and changes in direction in collisions with protruding obstacles or if the plough digs in to the road surface.
In addition to this, the parallelogram’s rotation cylinders have built-in shock valves that trigger in the event of a collision with an obstacle.
The right side of the plough is clad in low-friction plastic to protect e.g. crash barriers.
Position lights and reflectors come as standard. It is possible to order the plough with reflectors that comply with the provisions on the relevant market.
Together, all of these safety features make DPH ploughs among the safest high-throwing ploughs on the market.

Technical Information

Type DPH3400 DPH3700
Operating width (mm): 3 400 3 700
Operating width 30° (mm): 3 000 3 200
Operating width 37° (mm): 2 750 2 950
Height, right (mm): 1 800 1 880
Height, left (mm): 820 820
Rotation (°): 37 37
Cutting angle (°): 35 35
Wear bars (pcs): 4 4
Wear bar length (mm): 2x915+2x792 915
(pcs): 6 6
Weight incl fitting (kg): 1 260 1 295
(kg): 1 350 1 400

DPH advantages
• High throwing height even at low speeds
• Maximum safety with spring-loaded/ triggered blade holders, minimising the risk of accidents resulting in injuries and damage to property
• Additional safety with shock valves on the parallelogram’s rotation cylinders, which reduce damage in the event of a collision with an obstacle
• Robust design for demanding environments
• Hard-wearing plastic on the right side to protect crash barriers.
Standard equipment
• Skid shoes
• Carbide cutters
• Swedish standard VV-95 or connection to Mählers’ radar hitch
• Hydraulic connection: 4 pcs TEMA-5011
• Edge protection, right
Other equipment
• Wheel assembly
• Lateral displacement 160 mm to the left.
• Other hitches according to applicable standards in e.g. Norway, Finland and Germany.