Flail mowers and shredders

SPECTRA flail mower is developed based on the user’s needs. The control system enables maximum control, and the crane arm’s relief system enables mowing regardless of terrain. 

A solid oil cooler prevents overheating of the hydraulic oil and ensures a long service life of the hydraulic components. A hydraulic cylinder protects the crane arm from overload if it stops at an obstacle. In transport mode, the mower is located at the rear of the vehicle, which provides safe driving.

The unique design of the SPECTRA flail mower makes it possible to place the cutting unit in the optimal position for the driver and his field of vision. This ensures a safe and maximum use of the lawnmower. Easy installation and disassembly of the mower quickly releases the tractor for other needs.

SPECTRA flail mower is designed for reliable and fast cutting at slopes and road edges. Thanks to the special geometry of the crane, the cutting unit is located in the driver’s field of view. This enables fast mowing and a good overview of the terrain. SPECTRA can be equipped with different types of cutting heads as well as equipment such as side brushes and branch cutters.