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Efficient snowplows and grader blades from Mählers

AB MÄHLER & SÖNER was founded in 1895 in Hoting and is now located in Rossön, located in northern Jämtland, Sweden.

Over our long history, we have never stopped in our development. We are constantly working on innovation and developing new products. As a result, we are now the market leader in the Nordic region in terms of road maintenance throughout the year.

We can propose and deliver complete equipment for trucks and road graders. Our responsiveness to our customers’ views means that Mählers continuously improves and renews its product range. You can also bet on Mählers for the right method and product aswell as the optimal economy and production.

Mählers is supplying 5.5-metre-wide snowploughs to Greenland’s airports – faster airfield clearance

Swedish plough manufacturer Mählers recently delivered three Mählers DP55 diagonal ploughs to Greenland. The 5.5-metre-wide snowploughs are especially designed to clear away snow from …

Lill-Pärs’ wheel loader runs with Mählers' ploughs in the winter

For the past five successful winter seasons, Lill-Pärs Schakt has cleared snow using wheel loaders in the county road network in Dalarna. The machine is fitted with ploughs from Mählers.

Paving way for a safer work environment

For more than 100 years Mählers has been synonymous with quality attachments, and is the professionals’ first choice for snow plowing and road maintenance in Scandinavia.