Mählers increases traffic safety with a new sign washer

Mählers, one of the Nordic region’s leading snow plow manufacturers, continues to broaden its product range. The latest attachment is a sign washer that clean signs, railings, tunnels and walls from dirt and dust, increasing traffic safety. Dirty traffic signs can pose a danger to road users who may miss important messages.

Dirty road signs increase the risks for traffic for many different reasons. The visibility of important messages such as speed limits and warnings deteriorate. Also, the ability to see the signs diminishes, especially in the dark when the reflectors on the signs are covered by dirt. And now with the autumn darkness upon us and the deteriorating surface conditions of snow and rain approaching, this becomes an increased traffic hazard that needs to be addressed.

– Our business idea is to offer products that increase traffic safety. So the sign washer fits perfectly into our product range, says Roar Wehn, sales and marketing manager at Mählers.

Meets European safety requirements – and provides satisfied customers

The sign washer FCW 5.8 is, among other things, able to clean traffic signs, road barriers, road tunnels and vertical walls. The sign washer is connected to the truck’s front plow attachment and is controlled via a separate control system. At the front of the three-joint arm is a rotatable attachment that makes it possible to direct the flushing mouthpiece exactly where cleaning is needed. The supply of water comes from either an external or built-in pump, pumping water from a water tank installed on the truck’s bed.

Norway was the first market where Mählers introduced the sign washer, and several customers already certify to the product’s effectiveness.

– Our customers are very satisfied with the sign washer, especially the flexibility that it offers for washing both horizontal and vertical surfaces, says Roar Wehn.

The sign washer meets European safety requirements and is available for immediate order via Mählers Norway and Mählers Sweden.

Publicerat: 21 October, 2021