Non Accident Generation

Safe results

For more than 100 years Mählers has been synonymous with quality attachments, and is the professionals’ first choice for snow plowing and road maintenance in Scandinavia.

The reason is that we never rest on our laurels. Continuous development leads to new products and successive improvements in efficiency and safety.

All of Mählers diagonal ploughs conform to EN 13021+A1:2008 thanks to triggered safety blades that can cope with a height of 50 mm at 40 km/h.

Hydraulic side wings increase the area of operation

Mählers’ hydraulic plows help you to become more flexible and get more done, not least when clearing snow i urban areas.

A road grader or truck with a diagonal plow and a hydraulic side wing is an effective combination for most capacity-demanding tasks.

All Mählers side wings have so-called shock-valves that are activated in the event of a collision with a solid obstacle such as a steel or concrete barrier, and prevent the vehicle from being thrown out onto the road surface. A steel cable serves as an extra security device.

Multifunctional control system

Mählers’ new control system MC3 can be combined for both grader blades and plows.

The MC3 is a proportional control system, which allows variable control of all ploughing equipment.

The software in the MC3 supports the control of other types of functions such as sand and salt equipment, tipper bed etc.
The control system is also built for remote support connection via the mobile network to receive technical support, regardless of the customer’s location.

Complies with EN ISO 13849, third-party certified.
All controls meet the PLD Safety Directive.
CANopen Safety compatible for safer control.
Widening function monitoring with slide monitoring in the hydraulics.
Safety valves in all hydraulic blocks.