Mählers launches a high-throw mountain plough for demanding environments

Following a series of tough tests, snow plough manufacturer Mählers is launching the DPF mountain plough. A diagonal plough for demanding environments, its unique design efficiently clears away large quantities of snow and throws it high and far.

In recent years, Mählers, one of the leading snowplough manufacturers in the Nordics, has upgraded its product range to meet the changing climate and modify its products to fit the latest truck models. The latest to be launched — the DPF mountain plough — was built for more demanding environments where large amounts of snow occur in hilly terrain.

– We focused on optimizing the plough to throw the snow high and far so as not to build up snowbanks too quickly,” says Pontus Jonasson, CEO of Mählers.

Pontus tells us that Mählers put the new plough through multiple tests in Norway and Sweden, and that the test drivers helped produce an end product everyone is happy with.

– Indeed, the new plough was tested in several different environments ranging from low mountain terrain in Jämtland all the way up to Alta in northern Norway. All in all, the tests provided us with valuable information, enabling us to optimize the plough for the job it is intended to do.

One of the test drivers, Arnt Olav at the company Gåsbakk & Sönner AS in Sörli, Norway has nothing but praise for Mählers’ mountain plough.

– The mountain plough lifts the snow nicely even at low speeds and is very responsive to the road. And it’s also pretty easy on the snowbanks, as its designed not to rip into them. This is a boon, as many of the roads are narrow and we don’t want the snow to run back into them,” says Arnt Olav.

Mählers tells us that series production of the DPF mountain plough is up and running, and available for order before the winter.

Link to video showing Arnt Olav Gåsbakk driving with the Mählers DPF mountain plough.


Publicerat: 9 August, 2023