DPD3400 - DPD3700

DPD (Diagonal Plough, Double) is a safe and efficient combination plough designed to throw snow equally well to both right and left.
Safety has always been one of Mählers’ R&D watchwords, and in common with other diagonal ploughs, the DPD has spring-loaded blade holders.
This means a greatly reduced risk of damage to the plough and of changes in alignment caused by collisions with protruding obstacles or by the plough digging into the road surface.
“Many of our customers have extensive experience of ploughs with fixed blades and know the risks involved if the plough bites into the road surface, which is why we fit our new ploughs with springloaded blade holders,” says Roar Wehn, Head of Sales & Marketing at Mählers.
Roar tells us that the development of DPD was based on customer feedback. Once requirement specifications were drawn up, work was transferred to engineering drawing, then to production and practical prototype testing.

Technical Information

Type DPD3400 DPD3700
Operating width (mm): 3400 3700
Operating width 30° (mm): 3000 3200
Operating width 37° (mm): 2750 2950
Height at sides (mm): 1500 1600
Height at centre (mm): 1180 1180
Wear bars (pcs): 4 4
Wear bar length (mm): 2x915+2x792 915
Rotation (°): ±37 ±37
Angle of attack (°): 35 35
Weight without slush blades (kg): 1330 1380
Weight with slush blades (kg): 1540 1590

• Available in two widths, 3400 & 3700.
• Generous wing height in both directions and a shape that rolls snow easily.
• Pivotable ± 37 degrees and throws well in both directions.
• Spring-loaded blade holders for maximum safety.
• Positive 35 degree cutting angle of attack for effective plowing regardless of conditions.
• LED lights and reflectors for maximum visibility.
• Can be supplied with optional slush blades for the cleanest results possible.
• DPD without slush blades is supplied with skid shoes.
• DPD with slush blades is supplied with solid wheels.
• Carbide cutters
• Swedish standard VV-95 or connection to Mählers’ radar hitch
• Hydraulic connection: 4 pcs TEMA-5011
• Edge protectors
• Wheel assembly
• Sintered carbide skid shoes
• Lateral displacement 160 mm to the left.
• Other hitches according to applicable standards in e.g. Norway, Finland and Sweden.