The DP55 is an extremely wide plough for truly large surfaces such as those at airports, which must be cleared quickly. The plough is built on the same body as the Rossö 2000, and apart from the difference in with, the DP55 is supplied with a sheet metal mould board.
The DP55 is supplied with flexible blade holders and can be equipped with wheels or slide shoes.

Technical Information

Type DP55
Cutting width (mm): 5 500
Minimum operating width (mm): 4 390
Operating width 30° (mm): 4 760
Height, right (mm): 1 100
Height, left (mm): 1 100
Wear bars (pcs): 6
Wear bar length (mm): 915
Rotation (°): 37
Total weight (kg): 1 340

Standard equipment
• Parallelogram for VV-85/95 with hydraulic lift and right and left-hand rotation
• 4 hydraulic hoses/Tema 7511 (alternative hydraulics – refer to optional extras)
• Choke valve on swing cylinders
• Position light (LED) and 3-pin electrical plug