Diagonal plough Modular – Unique construction with individually suspended & flexible wear plate holders
DPM, Diagonal plough Modular, has a unique construction with individually suspended & flexible wear plate holders and slush cut cassettes that follow the road very well. This provides a quiet operation with a maximum clean ploughed road surface. The wear plate holders are, like all other Mählers ploughs, of the trigger type, which provides the highest safety.

DPM is available in three widths and is developed to obtain a so-called ”black road”. A newly developed parallelogram provides a flexible ride and in combination with flexible wear plate holders and individually suspended slush cut cassettes, DPM is able to plough cleanly even on uneven road surfaces.

As the name suggests, it is also a plough that is built with different modules. This gives the opportunity to get a variety of different designs on the same frame. Diagonal conical with elevation to the right, double with elevation on both sides, sheet metal or plastic moldboard. Yes, choose for yourself what suits your needs.

A newly developed type of side shift further increases flexibility as the operator can push the plough up to 400 mm to each side. In combination with a side plough, it provides the opportunity to increase the total plough width. It also increases the possibility of ploughing snow behind obstacles such as e.g. refuge islands and other things that are otherwise left unattended or ploughed with additional vehicles.

Teknisk information

Typ DPM37 DPM40 DPM43
Cutting width (mm): 3 700 4 000 4 300
Minimum operating width (mm): 2 799 3 033 3 267
Operating width 30° (mm): 3 165 3 429 3 693
Height, right (mm): 1 500 1 500 1 500
Height, left (mm): 1 168 (1 500) 1 168 (1 500) 1 168 (1 500)
Rotation (°): ±40 ±40 ±40
(mm): ±400 ±400 ±400
Wear bars (pcs): 6 eller 4 5+1 eller 2+3 7 eller 4+2
Wear bar length (mm): 610 eller 915 610 eller 915 610 eller 915
Cutting angle (°): 20 20 20
(pcs): 12 13 14
Total weight (kg): 1 236 1 480 1 546

DPM advantages
• Specifically designed to be a ”black road plough”
• Triggering and individually suspended wear plate holders for maximum safety
• Flexible polyurethane wear plate holders follow the road surface and provide calm & quiet operation
• Integrated slush cut cassettes give clean results (black road)
• Rotation ± 40 °
Simplified maintenance
• Wear plate holder very easily replaceable
• Few lubrication points simplify maintenance
• No lubrication points under the plough
Optional extras
• Wheels or wear shoes
• Side shift ± 400mm