Caway is a system that involves a 5.5 meter side plow mounted on a hook lift frame, which can also be fitted with a salt spreader. The entire system is installed in minutes and the conversion time from regular construction truck to snow plough is done in record time.
The side plow is made up of three separate sections for improved road surface contact; it has spring loaded blade holders for maximum safety and it’s possible to fit extra slush blades and adjust the pressure on the road surface for the best results under prevailing conditions. Because of the width of the side plow and the need for a salt bin on the truck bed, the truck must be of tridem type.
Bare road – the Caway side plow is in three sections to hug the contours of uneven road surfaces. The three-section design also includes slush blades behind the cutting edges that clear away the last remaining slush from the road, thus fulfilling the requirement for bare road.
Economic & eco-friendly – when used in combination with Mählers control system, it’s possible to set the cutting pressure on the Caway side plow, which means that there is no more resistance and wear than necessary for prevailing road conditions.
Effective and efficient – The side plow is 5.5 metres wide and with a front plow a total clearance width of no less than 8.5 meters is achieved! This means more plowed road per hour than with any other plow.
Installation time – the Caway system involves mounting the side plow on a hook lift frame upon which it is also possible to fit other equipment (salt bin, flatbed etc.). This means detaching the side plough takes as little time as detaching a flatbed.

New in 2023:
The plow body is now modularly built in three parts, which gives flexibility where you as the user can rebuild the plow to the designs that suit your needs.

Prepared for mod cutting.

Improved lighting with high-performance strobe lights coupled with IP-rated cabling and 7-pin DEUTSCH connector

In a nutshell
• The plow is built in three sections in order to follow the road surface
• 6 pcs blade holders with individual spring-loaded release
• 6 pcs 915 mm hard metal cutters
• The plow has slush blades in 6 sections
• Max plow width is 5,000 mm measured from the right side
• Cutting angle 35°
• Can handle 50 mm high obstacles at 40 km/h
• Control system MC2 as all hydraulics are mounted on the Caway
• Outlet for salt spreader hydraulics
• Suitable for tridem trucks (3 rear axles)
• Attachments suitable for Falköping, Epoke and Schmidt salt spreaders
• Right side projection during transit 1,000 mm
• Weight, hook lift arm 1,800 kg; side plow 1,650 kg
• Powerful lighting/warning light for improved traffic environment