Sideplow HDU-C

The HDU is a universal side plow, built to throw the snow a little further and higher than the side plow 45 but not as far and high as the SPH. A plow that suits most people’s wishes and needs, a robust plow with medium-class throwing characteristics. As extra security, the plow and attachment are connected with a safety wire.

New in 2023:
The plow body is now modularly built in three parts, which gives flexibility where you as the user can rebuild the plow into different versions that suit your needs.

Prepared for mod cutting.

High performance LED lighting and improved cabling with IP rated DEUTSCH connectors. 7-pin trailer connector for connection to the truck.

Standard equipment
+ Wheel equipment: Less noise and less steel wear as a result
+ Position light LED
+ Suspension device
+ Safety wire

+ Wearable shoes
+ Mod cutter
+ Flash light
+ Rubber cutting cassette: For use as a simpler mod side plough
+ Flash light
+ Gliding plastic to protect road railings

Teknisk information

Typ 10 fot 12 fot 14 fot 16 fot
Skärlängd (mm): 3060 3660 4270 4880
Totalhöjd (mm): 1540 1540 1540 1540
Slitstål (mm/st): 1525/2 1220/3 1525/2 -
Slitstål (mm/st): - - 1220/1 1220/4
Totalvikt (kg): 580 630 680 730