Side Plow SPH

The SPH-C High-throw side plough is the latest product in Mählers’ high-throw H-series. The rear section is optimally designed for throwing snow high and far from the roadside without creating tall windrows.

The plough is easily converted to 10, 12, 14 and 16-foot versions by replacing the front section. This is a major advantage when using the plough on trucks with different installation dimensions.

When in operation, the side plough must rest on a wheel or height-adjustable plate-type glider. The front of the plough is fitted with a moveable mounting bracket for attachment to a front support hinge on the truck. A steel cable serves as an extra security device.

New in 2023:
The plow body is now modularly built in three parts, which gives flexibility where you as the user can rebuild the plow to the designs that suit your needs.

Prepared for mod cutting.

Improved lighting with high-performance  lights coupled with IP-rated cabling and 7-pin DEUTSCH connector

• Wheel set: results in less noise and steel wear
• Position light/3-pole electrical plug
• Mounting device

– Strobe lights
– Rubber cutting edges

Teknisk information

Typ 10 fot 12 fot 14 fot 16 fot
Skärlängd (mm): 3060 3660 4270 4880
Totalhöjd (mm): 1870 1870 1870 1870
Slitstål (mm/st): 1525/2 1220/3 1525/2 -
Slitstål (mm/st): - - 1220/1 1220/4
Totalvikt (kg): 620 670 730 780