Side Plow 45-C

Side plow 45-C has an extra extension and is specially adapted for motorways and other wider roads where you need increased clearing width. Straight rear part of the plow makes it easier to access when plowing next to railings and posts. Hydraulic sequence valve automatically controls boom and wing extension. Small transport width makes the truck flexible when moving between assignments. The throw height is adapted to spare the road signs.

Rail protection/sliding plastic is standard and as extra security, the plow and bracket are connected with a safety wire.

New in 2023:
The plow body is now modularly built in three parts, which gives flexibility where you as the user can rebuild the plow to the designs that suit your needs.

Prepared for mod cutting.

Improved lighting with high-performance strobe lights coupled with IP-rated cabling and 7-pin DEUTSCH connector.


  • Hydraulically mounted ejection cylinder with sequential valve Tema 7511/7521
  • Slide shoe and wheel set on the wing and plow frame
  • Position light (LED) and flashing beacon/7-pole electrical plug
  • Hydraulic piping and hydraulic connection Tema 5011/5021
  • Standard mounting device, “thumb” type
  • Rear connection bolt and bolt-on hitch
  • Plow steel


  • Strobe lights
  • Rubber blade cassette for use as a slush side plow (L=3 feet/L=4 feet)
  • Skid shoes


  • Minimal transport width and maximum working/plowing width
  • Straight rear section of the plow makes it easier to reach barriers and posts
  • Hydraulic sequential valve; automatic control of the sliding bar and wing extension (in that order)
  • Standard base section. The plow is easily adjusted to 10, 12, 14 or 16 foot cutting length with a removable front section
  • Low steel wear.

Teknisk information

Typ 10 fot 12 fot 14 fot 16 fot
Arbetsbredd, steg 1 (mm): 1750 1750 1750 1750
Arbetsbredd, steg 2 (mm): 2700 3000 3000 3100
Skärlängd (mm): 3060 3660 4270 4880
Totalhöjd (mm): 1320 1320 1320 1320
Transportbredd (mm): 800 800 800 800
Totalvikt (kg): 800 855 905 955
Slitstål L=1 220 (mm): - 3 1 4
Slitstål L=1 525 (mm): 2 - 2 0