TWO - Traction Watcher One

Friction measuring equipment

TWO is designed for measurements on both roads and airports. For road use, the TWO is mounted so that the measuring wheels are lined up with the vehicle’s left wheel. For airports, the wheels are in the center. The two wheels can also be mounted on a trailer.

The friction meter is very easy to use and measures friction in the speed range 2-110 km / h. This means that the product can also be used for walkways and cycle paths.

In transport mode, two wheels are lifted off the ground. The unit automatically lowers to the measurement mode when a measurement is initiated. The whole process, lifting, lowering – including ground control is controlled by two computer programs. The operator only presses the START or STOP button.

+ TWO is a friction measuring equipment and consists of wheels that fold down into the road surface to measure current friction.
+ The equipment can be connected to any vehicle and is designed for both roads and airports.
+ TWO measures friction in the interval 2-110 km / h, which means that it can also be used on pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Teknisk information

Weight (kg): 75
Weight incl fitting (kg): 95
Length (mm): 1089
Width (mm): 534
Height (mm): 565