MC2B Control System

Mählers control system MC2B
Mählers’ control system MC2B can be combined for both grader blade and snowplow use. Most functions are controlled largely using a joystick. The system is expandable and can control existing equipment. Operation is now from the control unit.

• CANBUS-type control system
• Buttons on the control unit are used to select plow control or grader blade control
• The control system complies with safety standard EN 13849-1, effective from 1 Jan 2012
• For safety reasons, a PVG valve or an ON/OFF valve must be installed on the system in front of the hydraulic package to de-pressurise the system when no function is being used
• Handle to adjust blade pressure on Flexiway or grader blade

Accessory – display

For maximum control of Mählers equipment. Among other items the display provides the following:

• Ability to display error codes
• Displays pressure differences in the system
• Graphic presentation of activated functions
• Adjustment of parameters (NB! Only for service personnel)