Control System MC3

Mählers’ new Control system MC3
Mählers new MC3 proportional control system was developed for softer, safer control and better fingertip feel when ploughing, grading, salting, gritting or controlling tipper beds on trucks and trailers.

The MC3 is a proportional control system, which allows variable control of all ploughing equipment. The software in the MC3 supports the control of other types of functions such as tipper bed etc. Selecting a variable (load sensing) pump for the truck brings advantages such as:

• Easy hydraulics installation
• Economically favourable installation thanks to fewer valves
• More economical operation (lower energy consumption)

The control system is also built for remote support connection via the mobile network to receive technical support, regardless of the customer’s location.
Control of the plough and other equipment takes place via MIG2, an ergonomic, multiple-function joystick with proportionally controlled rollers for maximum precision. The joystick and keypad are also fitted with a number of on/off buttons for activating ploughs, grader blades and tipper functions etc.
MC3 software support and updates are possible via the Mählers Control System 3 app. Download the Mählers MC3 app from Google Play to an android smartphone for subsequent connection to the control system via Bluetooth. The customer can then ring support, who in turn can connect to MC3. Support is then able to make adjustments, switch or change software updates, review any fault codes etc., no matter where the truck is located.
This will save many unnecessary trips to the workshop. The MC3 was field-tested by customers in Sweden and Norway with good results and is available for order as of Spring 2019. The MC3 also meets the latest leading machine safety standard EN ISO 13849, which makes it one of the market’s safest control systems for road maintenance products.


• Proportional control for smooth operation
• Ergonomic lever with a multifunctional control pad mounted on a comfortable armrest provides convenient control
• Simultaneous control of functions streamlines operation
• Dual potentiometers for parallel regulation of constant pressure functions enhance precision
• Android application for remote support and control system updates via a smartphone makes support simpler
• Dual potentiometers to facilitate regulation of constant pressure functions.


• Tipper bed control, can be adapted for different chassis builders
• Modular, easy to expand with extra modules
• Ability to connect the MIO for control
• Advanced internal fault-detection, operational information and status indication


• Complies with EN ISO 13849, third-party certified
• All controls meet the PLD Safety Directive
• CANopen Safety compatible for safer control
• Widening function monitoring with slide monitoring in the hydraulics
• Safety valves in all hydraulic blocks