A new head turner hits the road in Tornedalen

Anton Tapani is longing for the first snow in Tornedalen. With his brand new, fully equipped Scania R580 and a new DPH 3700 from Mählers, he is more than well prepared. Yep, this is going to be a really great winter,” says Anton Tapani at Tapanis Entreprenad in Muodoslompolo, north of Pajala.

According to Anton Tapani, they’ve had the road clearance contract for Highway 99 around Muodoslompolo, Sweden “since back in my grandfather’s day”. But five years ago, they lost the contract – and won it back this year when Svevia made a new procurement. “And then we needed new, really serious kit,” says Anton. Not only that, it also took some pretty serious truck driving with high demands on planning and endurance. The new truck, a Scania R580, would be fitted out at Svetsab in Höganäs, 1,800 kilometers from Muodoslompolo and right at the other end of Sweden. Anton was able to collect his truck on 11 September, followed by a race against the clock with the truckers’ meet in Ramsele 15-16 September as the finish line.

What a trip!

“First I drove to Hudiksvall for the truck furnishings – table, curtains and such – and some chrome features. Then I hit the road toward Jevs Car Wrapping in Sollefteå and got the truck wrapped on a Sons of Anarchy theme – you know, the TV series. The next stop was Rossön, where I picked up the new DPH 3700 plough at Mählers. And then it was off to Ramsele to stand in line at the truck wash,” laughs Anton. And yes, Anton made it in time for the truckers’ meet, where his new Scania received much praise. This was not completely new to Anton, who was making his fourth annual visit in a row and who previously had shown off his semi trailer with motifs from Mad Max. “Our trucks must always be head turners – it’s good advertising.”

Mählers × 2

But now it’s back to business in Tornedalen. Tapanis Entreprenad is looking forward to a really snowy winter and plenty of work. In addition to the new Skandia truck with its DPH 3700, he also has a Volvo road grader fitted with a Mählers SVH-4 side plough. “We look after Northern Pajala, including Highway 99. It’s around 110 km in all, which means long days when there’s heavy snow.” They did not choose Mählers by chance. “We’ve always used Mählers. They make good kit and provide great service when it’s needed,” says Anton, who as yet has no experience with the new DPH 3700. “But I’ve heard so many recommendations about it, that it has a great cutting angle and that it throws snow high and far. This is going to be a great winter, I’m sure of it.”

In a nutshell Tapanis Entreprenad

– The company has a long history with roots in the taxi business that was founded in Muodoslompolo by Uno Tapani in the 1910s with a new 1913 Model T Ford.

– Over the years, the business has had its ups and downs. In the 1990s, the company had a major bus business with 10 or more buses.

– Today, the company is round by the fourth Tapani generation – brothers Emil and Anton. Emil is responsible for the contracting side which is predominantly vehicles used in the mining industry in the Malmfälten mining region. Anton takes care of the haulage side.