Sign rinser

– for increased safety on road

Dirty road signs increase the risk of traffic problems for many different reasons. The visibility of important messages such as speed limits and warnings deteriorate. The ability to see the signs also weakens, especially in the dark when the reflectors on the signs are covered by dirt.

Mählers Sign rinser FCW 5.8 is adapted for cleaning, among other things, traffic signs, road barriers, road tunnels and vertical walls. The tool is connected to the truck’s front plow hitch and is controlled via a separate control system.

At the front of the three-joint arm is a rotatable bracket that makes it possible to direct the flushing nozzles exactly where cleaning is needed. The supply of water takes place either via an external pump or via a built-in pump that pumps water from a water tank mounted on the truck’s platform.

The sign rinser meets European safety requirements.

Teknisk data

Typ Mått
Räckvidd: 5 800 mm
Vikt: 750 kg
Min. lastkapacitet bärare: 6 500 kg
El: 24v
Max hastighet vid spolning: 15 km/h
Max transporthastighet: 60 km/h
Mått ihopfälld, bredd: 2 506 mm (se måttskiss)
Mått ihopfälld, höjd: 2 387 mm (se måttskiss)
Hydraulic requirements carrier The vehicle must be equipped with a hydraulic circuit with two control units:
  • One circuit with a nominal flow of 20 ± 5 l / min. at 75% of nominal engine speed and a nominal pressure of at least 175 bar according to EN 15431 for connection to electro-hydraulic valve, to control the movements of the washer.
  • The second circuit with a nominal flow of 60 ± 5 l / min. at 75% of the rated speed of the engine and a rated pressure of at least 230 bar, to operate the water pump.