Rotating sweeper roller

Powerful sweeper for trucks & wheel loaders

SOP-LB2800 is a hydraulic rotating sweeper, intended for use on trucks & wheel loaders. The sweeper features an ”active” float mode that gives balanced pressure on the ground and follows contours. A unique feature that gives the right brush pressure evenly across its full width, regardless of its position relative to the host vehicle. This also contributes to increased bristle lifetime.

Teknisk information

Typ SOP-LB2800
Sopvalsbredd (mm): 2800
Minsta sopningsbredd (mm): 2350
Minsta transportbredd (mm): 3025
Maximal vridning (°): ±35
Omkrets borstringar (mm): ø915
Hydraulflöde (l/min): 40-80
Grundvikt (kg): 850
Markfrigång vid max upplyft (mm): 200