With Mählers MC3 remote support, help with plough equipment is always at hand

During the winter months the snow is deep in northern Sweden and Norway. So, with storms marked by heavy snowfall getting help can be challenging if you have problems with the plough equipment on the truck. Mähler’s MC3 control system offers a remote connection to receive technical support. An effective way via a mobile network to call and connect with support to solve those unexpected problems encountered on the road. Nils Ronny Halonen is one of a number of drivers who have recently taken advantage of the MC3 remote support.

Mikael Modin at Mählers remote support.
Mikael Modin at Mählers remote support.

Nils Ronny Halonen drives a snow plough truck in northern Norway, in the Nordreisa municipality, Troms and Finnmark county. During the winter, he and his colleagues are responsible for clearing the snow from 70 kilometres of road, a stretch that can present some real challenges.

– The snow is often up to 150 cm deep here and if it is not snowing, there are usually wind and snow drifts. It is a challenge to keep the road open, so it is really important that all equipment works as it should and that if something goes wrong we can quickly get help, says Nils Ronny Halonen, engineer and plough driver at Drift og Service Nord AS.

Free remote support on the spot

Nils Ronny Halonen’s truck, a Volvo 540, is rigged with plough equipment (except spreaders), has a grader blade, plough attachment and the MC3 steering system from Mählers.

– I noticed some sudden movements when I was about to lift the grader blade. I assumed that a pressure adjustment was needed, so I called Mählers when I was in the car. I immediately got to talk to their technician Mikael Modin, who logged in to my system and remotely controlled all adjustments from Mählers factory in Sweden. After a few keystrokes, everything worked exactly as I expected it to, which was fantastic, says Nils Ronny Halonen.

Nils-Ronny Halonen
Nils-Ronny Halonen got help from Mählers remote support.

The MC3 is built to allow for support remotely. Via a mobile network you can connect the control system and receive technical support, no matter where you are. Support and software updates of MC3 are available via the app “Mählers Control System 3” which can be downloaded from Google Play to an Android phone. The phone connects to the control system with Bluetooth. Mählers technicians can read error codes, make system adjustments, send software updates and more, no matter where the truck is.

– The remote support for MC3 is a valuable function, by using a mobile network to connect to the control system and get technical support, regardless of where the truck is located. It saves time and money for our customers and simplifies my work with support, says Mikael Modin who works with technical support at Mählers.

Easy control for the driver

The MC3 system offers safe, simple, and intuitive control of ploughs, grader blades, spreaders and tippers on both trucks and trailers. The actual control of the system is done with the help of a Mählers joystick MIG2, which is the only thing the driver needs to handle.

– I really like that I only need to handle one single joystick when I use the system, it’s almost like driving an excavator, says Nils Ronny Halonen.

Publicerat: 10 March, 2022