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Mählers improves the efficiency of motor graders from Turkey

When Henkes Gräv in Dalarna in Sweden was looking for a flexible solution to clear snow more effectively with their new Hidromek grader, they chose a Mählers SVH-4 side plow. The combination has proved to be a winning concept and the company was able to make snow clearance considerably more efficient.

As yet, Turkish motor graders are not a common sight in Sweden, but Henkes Gräv in Horndal aims to change this. In December 2020, owner Henrik Lennartsson decided on a completely new Hidromek HMK 600 MG-4 in the larger class. In conjunction with this, Henrik also decided to update his snow clearance capacity and ordered an SVH-4 side plow from Swedish plough manufacturer Mählers.

“Snow clearance has never been easier. The grader combined with Mählers wing is really smooth and easy to handle. While it’s very solid and robust for the tougher assignments, it’s also nimble and flexible in urban environments, where we’re often close to the curb and other obstacles. The Hidromek is easy to drive and gets around smoothly. The controls work well together with the articulated steering, and after a turn the steering automatically centres again. The flexibility of the motor grader and side plow make an excellent combination”, says Nicklas Landberg, a driver at Henkes Gräv.

The motor grader and Mählers side plow have worked problem free
Fitting the Hidromek grader with the Mählers SVH-4 side plow has made snow clearance yet more efficient and work now gets done faster.
“With the Mählers side plow, we clear far more snow per trip than we did previously. The plow can be extended a long way, which means fewer passes, saves time and makes work easier. It simply makes us more efficient”, says Henrik Lennartsson, CEO and owner of Henkes Gräv.

The Mählers SVH-4 is designed to be versatile, nimble and efficient, even in urban areas. Ploughing and grading can be done simultaneously and obstacles are easily avoided as the plow can be adjusted to most angles, such as up, down, in and out, and tilt up and down. The side plow also has a safety valve that is triggered if the blade hits an obstacle.

In a nutshell: Side plow Mählers SVH-4
Cutting width: 3,050 mm
Max lift height from ground: 1,020 mm
Max plough width from outside wheel: 2,650 mm
Minimum width retracted, from outside wheel: 800 mm
Total weight, depending on grader type: 1,600 – 2,200 kg

In a nutshell: Henkes Gräv Entreprenad AB
Based in the Dalarna region (Sweden), Henkes Gräv performs contract work within a 150 km radius from the town of Horndal outside Avesta, as well as jobs in the Stockholm region and up towards Sundsvall. The workforce, permanent and contract personnel, totals 37 people and the fleet comprises 35 vehicles. Henkes Gräv performs most types of contract work, and snow clearance is one of its services.

Publicerat: 7 April, 2021