Arento, one of Sweden’s largest equipment rental companies, chooses Mählers – purchased 17 new ploughs in one go

When Arento, one of Sweden’s largest equipment rental companies, was looking for a snowplough ahead of the 2020-21 season, they opted for Mählers’ modular diagonal plough, DPM. The new plough satisfied a number of important criteria, and as a result Arento decided to go all in, ordering 17 brand new diagonal ploughs from Mählers.

Ahead of the 2020-21 season, Arento was looking for a snowplough that would fulfil a number of important criteria. These requirements included that the plough should be a safety-type model with a spring-loaded blade holder, as well as being designed for what’s known as bare road. The decision was made to go with Mählers’ new modular diagonal plough, DPM, which has recently been launched. Arento opted to purchase 17 at once.

“Yes, Mählers’ new plough fulfilled our criteria and seemed so interesting that we decided to go all in,” says Stefan Johansson, Head of Machines at Arento.

Stefan Johansson also has long experience of Mählers’ products and is a fan of the company.

“I worked for 18 years at a family-owned company, Svevia in Ånge, where we drove with Mählers’ diagonal and side ploughs on our trucks. We also had Mählers’ side plough on our road graders.”

Clear roads and safety the priority when choosing the new plough
Mählers’ new DPM plough is specifically designed to be a ‘bare road plough’ and is equipped with sprung, individually suspended steel brackets for maximum safety – just two of the benefits that contributed to the relatively large Mählers purchase.

“For us, it is important to achieve as clear a road as possible in order to prevent refreezing. The new plough will be perfect when it comes to meeting this requirement,” says Stefan Johansson.

Safety is especially important for Arento and its customers. For this reason, the equipment rental company particularly appreciates the spring-loaded blade holders on the DPM, which make it extremely ‘forgiving’ and contribute to safer road maintenance.

After the purchase of the 17 new ploughs, Arento is now equipped to cope with any bad weather this winter.

Publicerat: 18 January, 2021