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Mählers launches a modular 'black road' snow plow – even irregular road surfaces get ploughed clean

Mählers presents its DPM – Diagonal Plow Modular. A unique, flexible diagonal plow built to keep the road free from snow and slush. It is a completely new design with flexible polyurethane blade holders available in a number of hardnesses and easily replaced to suit the ploughed surface. Combined with individually suspended slush blade cassettes, the DPM is even able to plough irregular road surfaces clean.

Dirty slush and wet slush pose challenges for conventional snow plows with steel blades that follow the plow edge. At the slightest irregularity in the road surface, the slush passes under the plow blade and remains, as the blade rides up at the highest point on the surface. This entails an increased risk of uneven wear on the blade and skidding and aquaplaning in following vehicles.

A newly developed parallelogram provides road contact, and combined with flexible blade holders and individually suspended slush blade cassettes, the DPM even ploughs irregular road surfaces clean. The DPM has a slew function of ±40 degrees and can also be equipped with a side extension function of ±400 mm in either direction. The driver can then increase plow with by extending the front plow to align with the side plow.

“’I’m pretty sure that drivers with obstacles like traffic islands and other objects to get around will like the side extension feature”, says Frida Östman, who drives for Fjällsjö Åkeri AB and is one of Mählers busiest test pilots.

DPM is available in three widths, 3700, 4000 and 4300 mm, and the modular design means the customer can use the same frame for a diagonal plow with a sheet metal or plastic mouldboard, or a combination plow/butterfly plow that throws the snow left and right equally well.

“The replaceable rubber elements that hold the blades can be precisely adapted to the type of road and conditions, thus achieving a steady plow that doesn’t jump over the surface irregularities”, says Frida.

In terms of safety, the DPM maintains the same high standard as other Mähler plows with spring-loaded/triggered blade holders that flip backwards if they hit a fixed obstacle on the road. The DPM provides the customer with a safe, modern, responsive snow plow. The plow was tested throughout the 2019/20 winter, and a serial production version is now available.

DPM characteristics
+ Designed specifically as a ‘black road plow’
+ Triggered, individually suspended blade holders for maximum safety
+ Flexible polyurethane blade holders follow the road, providing quiet, stable ploughing
+ Ability to switch between different blade holder hardnesses
+ Integrated slush blades provide clean results (black road)
+ Slew ±40°
+ Easier maintenance
+ Blade holders very easy to replace
+ Few grease points means easy service
+ No grease points under the plow

Casters or slide shoes
Side shifting ±400 mm

Publicerat: 28 December, 2020