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Mählers launching a new high-ejecting diagonal plow “One of the market’s safest plows”

Mählers is launching a new in-house designed high-ejecting diagonal plow for trucks. The new plow goes under the product name DPF 3700, also called “the mountain plow”. The new plow has been hard-tested during the winter of 19/20 and is expected to go into serial production in autumn 2020.

Prior to the winter of 2019/2020, Mählers produced five pre-serial production models of the new mountain plow DPF 3700, for final testing to ensure quality and safety. The plow is intended for roads with large amounts of snow and where there is a major need for snow to be ejected over high snowbanks, and as far from the road as possible. The mountain plow is based on the body of Mählers’ popular and high-ejecting plow model DPH.

“We are constantly working on the development of existing and new products to continue to create more efficient snow removal and road maintenance solutions. In the new DPF 3700 we have refined the DPH which is an already stable diagonal plow for really demanding environments. With a unique construction that ejects the snow at a steep angle at high velocity, the plow can handle large amounts of snow efficiently. The snow is therefore ejected both high and far from the roadway,” says CEO and designer Ingemar Nyberg at Mählers.

Safety has also been paramount in the development of the new plow.

“There is an increasing focus on safety and in the development of DPF 3700 it has been a major factor. That’s why we’ve equipped it with sprung, individually suspended steel brackets, making it one of the safest high-ejecting plows on the market,” says Roar Wehn, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mählers.

Successful test ploughing operations in a live customer environment
John Kristian Jacobsen with Norwegian company J Jacobsen Transport AS is one of the operators who have tested the plow. The company has nine trucks, four of which do the snow clearance operations (plus three Volvo wheel loaders and one Valtra tractor). The company manages road maintenance on a total road network of 200 km, but also in residential areas, petrol stations and the like in and around Mo in Rana, Norway.

“It is flexible piece of kit and moves nicely on uneven roads. It cleans nicely along the edges and ejects the snow a satisfying distance,” says John Kristian Jacobsen, who also like that Mählers has a safety mindset around the new plow.

The new mountain plow DPF 3700 is – just like Mählers’ other plows – equipped with sprung, individually suspended steel brackets that make it safe to run over immovable and hidden obstacles such as protruding stones, manhole covers, or the like. Then the steel brackets are released and turn aside from the obstacle without damaging the plow or vehicle.

“To produce plows with solid steel should be banned today, as the latest snowplows no longer have any suspension in the plow bracket. This should those who place demands on equipment include in the contracts because of road safety. This is a requirement in the EU (EN13021),” says Roar Wehn.

The plow will enter serial production for the winter of 2020.

FACTS – advantages and features of the DPF:
• High ejection rate and long distance clearance
• Maximum safety with sprung, individually suspended steel brackets, minimising the risk of accidents resulting in personal injuries and damage to property
• Additional safety with shock valves on the parallelogram’s torsion cylinders to mitigate damage in the event of a collision with an obstacle
• Robust design for demanding environments
• Hard-wearing plastic on the right side to protect roadside crash barriers

Publicerat: 19 March, 2020