Mählers develop unique concept

Mählers’ new Flexiway diagonal plough, introduced for this winter, has revolutionised snow ploughing to achieve a so-called ‘black road’. But there will be a new, improved Flexiway already next winter. “We’ve taken the first steps towards a more efficient and modern ploughing technology,
but we’re not going to rest on our laurels for that. During the autumn we’ll be introducing new technology which will take ploughing to a new level”, says Stig Engström, CEO at Mählers.

Mählers’ unique diagonal plough is developed based on an innovative concept in the industry to meet the increasingly tougher demands for faster ploughing
speeds and a so-called ‘black road’, that is to say a road surface clean from snow or slush after ploughing.

” Flexiway is, inter alia, based around the driver adjusting the blade pressure depending on the surface conditions. For light ploughing the pressure is
adjusted so that the plough follows the road surface with minimum pressure. For heavier ploughing, needing more blade pressure, the driver simply makes an adjustment using Mählers’ new MC2 control system”, explains Engström.

Stig Engström continues to wax lyrical about the plough’s features.
“Thanks to an advanced pressure guard on the plough it doesn’t even matter if the road surface is uneven. The plough retains a constant blade pressure
and in so doing secures a maximum result. This also gives the driver the chance to increase the ploughing speed”.

Environment and economy
“The correct plough pressure means that blade wear is kept to a minimum, fuel consumption is reduced and there is less wear and tear on the road surface”. Flexiway is beneficial in terms of both environment and economy.

Flexiway can additionally be extended sideways up to 450 mm on both sides. This means a more efficient ploughing around traffic islands and other obstacles along the roads which make life difficult in a conventional
plough that cannot be sideways extended or retracted.

The plough will be upgraded on a number of points ahead of the winter season 2013-2014. Among these are reinforcement of the plough box and
improved lifting geometry so that the plough lifts both more evenly and higher than previously. But it doesn’t end there.

“During the autumn we’ll be introducing new technology. Quite what that is I can’t say right now, but it concerns patent matters that have to be solved first”, concludes Stig Engström.


Publicerat: 22 May, 2014