Work is twice as fast with Mählers

Ola Persson at Väghyvelarbeten i Sveg AB is always busy when autumn arrives.

“It’s the same every year, and this year the pressure’s been really high as we’re running so many projects at the same time,” says Ola Persson when we meet him and Sebbe Göransson one fine autumn day on a forest road just northeast of Sveg in Härjedalen, Sweden.

Ola has been driving a grader full-time since 2001 when he began working for his dad Ragnar, and in 2003 he took over the company when Ragnar passed away. Previously, Ola had been driving on and off since 1990, so it was no beginner we visited. Ola tells us that Väghyvelarbeten i Sveg AB is the only company in Härjedalen that works exclusively with road grading, and that the specialisation is both good and a challenge as from time to time they have major order inflows. “Thanks to our focus on grading, we’ve become well known in the industry and today we have a good regular customer base,” and Ola mentions Härjedalen municipality, NCC, Stora Enso, Holmen, Mellanskog and PEAB. Now we have so much work I’ve rented an extra grader temporarily for Sebbe to drive,” continues Ola.

With the exception of a test, Ola and his father have only ever operated Mählers gravel spreaders on its graders and there’s not the slightest doubt he will continue doing so. “We tried a different brand but we soon realised that Mählers is the one for us,” says Ola, pointing to his gravel spreader. Take a look – plenty of adjustment possibilities, camber function, stable wheels and a thoroughly robust construction,” continues Ola. “What’s more, Mählers has an unbeatable sales and aftermarket team.” It’s something that Ola truly appreciates. We join him on an assignment that entails maintenance grading on a forest equipment road.

Ola firmly lowers the grader blade and gravel spreader on his Vammas RG281 and starts shaving off the surface layer, which he pulls in from the edges of the roadway. The gravel spreader gathers the material that Ola shaves off of the roadway before spreading it and leaving a smooth, even surface behind. When you watch Ola working, it’s easy to understand that the gravel spreader makes the grading so much easier. “Indeed, on a grading job like this one we actually halve the time I would have had to drive in and out one more time to spread out what I’d shaved off of the roadway. Now I can do the grading and spreading in a single operation,” concludes Ola before he drives off for his next assignment.

In brief Väghyvelarbeten i Sveg AB

Founded: 1972 by dad Ragnar Persson
Location: Sveg
Current owner & CEO: Ola Persson
Employees: two permanent + one temp during peaks
Machine fleet: One 2005 Vammas RG281 and one 2011 Vammas RG281 plus a rented Vammas for cutting temporary peak workloads. All of the graders are fitted with Mählers gravel spreaders.