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For ”Tobbe” only the best is good enough

After just a couple of years working as a carpenter, Torbjörn “Tobbe” Rutström from Boden grew tired of the profession. After more than 20 years driving a snowplough, he is still brimming with enthusiasm as he talks about plough width, the plough’s cutting angle, the underbody scraper and the advantages of Mählers’ DPH high-throw diagonal plough. “It’s still fun to plough, but you have to have good equipment. I got my first plough from Mählers 18 years ago, and I’ve stuck with them ever since.

“Tobbe” is happy to talk about professional pride, but prefers to dodge that actual term, which he feels sounds a little pretentious. For him, however, it is important to do a good job, ideally to go a little beyond expectations. The ploughing route he has driven for the past two seasons, on behalf of BDX, covers 80 kilometres of County Road 356 between Boden and Älvsbyn.

“I’ve only been forced to drive with the road grader on one occasion, right at the end of the season. You shouldn’t need it if you plough carefully,” says “Tobbe”. By this he means adjusting your speed – “I rarely drive faster than 45 km/hour” – making sure you have good-quality steel, not leaving tracks behind you, being careful with the underbody scraper and maintaining a good road width.

“But you want to have good equipment too. I do: a Scania R580 with Mählers’ DPH 3700, a 14 foot side wing, an underbody scraper and the MC2 control system. It all works perfectly!”

Tired of plasterboard

As a newly trained carpenter, “Tobbe” did not stay in the job for long. He grew tired of “screwing plasterboard” all day long. So at his own initiative he obtained a truck licence and bought an old Scania 141 that had previously been used to transport timber. As he was living close to the firing range, he was asked if he could carry out ploughing for the Armed Forces, and he hasn’t looked back. A handful of Scania trucks later, “Tobbe” has gained a reputation as a capable and demanding snowplough driver. Only the best is good enough, and that’s why he misses Per Johansson at Fordonsteknik in Älvsbyn. Per has helped “Tobbe” right from the outset with all the superstructure for the ploughing equipment.

“It’s a shame he has stopped, as he has helped me tremendously over the years. He knew everything there is to know about Mählers’ equipment was able to solve any problem. Mählers themselves have also always been helpful and adopted a service-minded approach. “I like testing new things, but there has actually never been any reason to try anything other than Mählers.”

Was not thinking about changing

In terms of ploughs, he has used everything from old V-ploughs to the very latest, modern versions. He has test-driven Flexiway when it was due to be introduced. And for many years he was convinced that the Rossö plough was simply unbeatable. But that was before the DPH.

“I wasn’t actually going to have a DPH, as I was happy with the Rossö plough. But then I saw a DPH that Per was about to service. And I wanted one…” That was two years ago, and “Tobbe” is now convinced that the DPH is by far the best choice. “It throws the snow well and doesn’t hop around. It’s stable, very similar to a V-plough: the more snow there is, the better it ploughs. It is very good on paved roads, but I reckon it’s even better on gravel roads.” Even the old tractor, which he uses to plough narrow roads in town, has Mählers written all over it.

“I drive with a regular multi-plough, but the old red snow clearing bucket from Mählers stands out and still works very well,” he laughs.

Facts about DPH

– In summer 2016, Mählers launched its new diagonal plough, the DPH 3700.

– The DPH is a high-throw diagonal plough for trucks. The DPH throws the snow high and far thanks to its unique shape, which causes the snow to move at high speed as it leaves the plough.

– In 2017, this success was followed up with the DPH 3400, which is adapted for tractors.