Flexiway II – a hit!

Ottossons Åkeri AB, one of the larger haulage companies in Strömsund, ran the Flexiway II on one of its trucks during the winter of 2013/2014, and owner Janne Ottosson doesn’t hesitate when we ask him to give us a review of this plough.
“The Flexiway II is definitely a hit!” says Janne. Mählers News is talking to him on a crackly telephone line as he’s out doing road inspections together with the Swedish Transport Administration.

“We didn’t have all that much snow this winter, but we still drove around 8 000–10 000 km with our Flexiway II, in round figures, and it goes really well,” continues Janne.

Janne is keen to emphasise how smooth and quiet the plough is. It’s articulated, so it follows the road perfectly regardless of whether it’s being operated on a narrow, cambered road or a bigger, wider, smoother road.

“The steel blades on the ‘old’, rigid diagonal plough types normally wear at the centre when you plough narrow, cambered roads, and that means snow gets left in the middle under the plough when you drive out onto wider roads,” explains Janne.

The plough operated by Ottossons during the winter was fitted with steel road blades reinforced with drilled hard metal cores, and even though the plough was used mainly on tarmac roads the haulage company didn’t have to replace the steel blades at all.

“The option of adjusting the cutting pressure according to the road surface is also one of the best functions I’ve tried, and of course that also saves on both steel blades and fuel,” continues Janne, who’s also pleased not to have to use the support wheels.