Side plow hitch Flex

Side plow hitch Flex simplifies side plow mounting and provides increased space for a mounted scraper blade. Plow connection is through a ball cup or quick-locking ball. The hydraulic socket must be fitted with a yield position. Air is connected from the vehicle’s ordinary air system via check and safety valves. This is to provide a constant pressure of the side plow against the road surface. The hitch is supplied complete with a fitting kit.

NB! When ordering, provide the vehicle type and if the ball cup or ball are to be used.


  • Mounting device for plow, ball cup
  • Mounting device for plow, ball
  • Air reduction valve

Teknisk information

Typ Flex
Lift height (depending on mount height) (ca/mm): 500
Pressure against road surface (at 8 bar min air pressure) (ca/kg): 125
Weight (kg): 150