Mählers new Site Manager Pontus Jonasson returns to Rossön with a wealth of experience

Mählers, one of the Nordic regions leading manufacturers of snowploughs, is now gearing up for growth and has hired Pontus Jonasson as their new Site Manager at the head office in Jämtland’s Rossön, Sweden. Pontus has a background as a civil engineer qualifying in mechanical engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and is a familiar face as he has previously worked at both Engcon and Mählers.

Pontus Jonasson, new Site Manager at Mählers.

– I am honoured that I was approached for the job, it is really exciting to return to Mählers and the factory in Rossön, says Pontus Jonasson.

After completing his studies at KTH, Pontus joined BAE Systems Hägglunds, working on electric motors. He then moved south to Södertälje to work in Scania’s engine block department. After that, he moved north and between 2012 – 2015 Pontus worked at the tiltrotator manufacturer Engcon in Strömsund and at Mählers in Rossön.

– Yes, those were fun years. Both Engcon and Mählers were in very expansive phases with a lot of new development, advancing the companies’ positions forward on the market, which was great to be a part of, says Pontus Jonasson.

After working at Mählers and Engcon, Pontus worked as a project manager in operations and maintenance at Vattenfall. Much of the work involved large hydropower plants in Åre/Olden, the new construction of local networks with electricity for households and burying fibre cables.

A supplier at the forefront

With the benefit of his previous experience, Pontus has a good grasp of the road maintenance industry and knows precisely the conditions drivers work under with high demands for good results at competitive prices. This in turn places tough demands on the suppliers of trucks and their equipment.

– This is a difficult market, that Mählers succeeds in by providing the best service, working closely with its customers, and being there when it comes down to it, something we have already been known for over many years, says Pontus.

Pontus also considers technical development to be important for Mählers.

– The recent rollout of the new MC3 control system is a revolution, as we can help customers/drivers via remote support, no matter where they are. I think we can develop this system further, as customers will request access to data on how their ploughs have been used. In the near future, the ploughs may be able to order their spare parts automatically, says Pontus.

The factory in Rossön consists of approximately 3 700 m2 of production space where all Mähler’s products and Engcon’s rotating sweepers are assembled. The workforce consists of fitters, in and out delivery staff, order processors, buyers, production manager, salespeople, assemblers and documentation staff. The number varies depending on the season.

– And when the major contracts are written for a new plough season, we switch up a gear and take on seasonal workers on the assembly line to manage the worst peaks, says Pontus.

At the time of writing, the plough contracts for Sweden’s and Norway’s road network are beginning to take shape and now the challenge has started, looking at the possibilities for increased staffing, increased purchasing volumes and other things that must be done before the coming peak.

Publicerat: 22 March, 2022