New Head of Sales at Mählers International

Mählers, the market leader in the field of plough equipment for trucks and road graders, is making preparations ahead of the 2015-2016 winter by restructuring its operation.
The previous Head of Marketing and Sales, Anki Abbing, is leaving the company and is being replaced by Roar Wehn, who has previously only been responsible for the Norwegian Market.

“This is a major challenge, and I am looking forward to getting involved and continuing to develop the Nordic market,” says Roar Wehn, when asked how he feels about his new duties.

Roar Wehn has a sales force as well as support from the factory in Rossön at his disposal, and there are also plans to employ additional sales staff, for example on the Norwegian market which has achieved steady growth in recent years.

“Yes, the way things look now, we will be putting considerable emphasis on at the very least retaining the firm grip we have enjoyed in Sweden in recent times, and we can also see incredible potential on the Norwegian market,” says Roar Wehn.

According to Roar Wehn, the Finnish market is also of interest, and an inventory of this market is currently being performed. After this, the company will be analysing the situation in other countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Switzerland & Austria.

Roar Wehn took up the position of Head of Marketing & Sales on 1 September 2015.

Publicerat: 23 September, 2015