Mählers measures up

Mählers is a real favourite with Stein Joar Lindsethmo from Skage outside Namsos.
“Once you’ve tried them, you won’t want to use anything else. The products are a joy to use,” he says.

2009. This was the year and new standard was set in Namdalen, the district that comprises 12 municipalities way up north in Trøndelag. It was the year the head of Lindsethmo Transport AS, Stein Joar Lindsethmo, purchased a Mählers product for the very first time.

“Since then, I’ve not bought any winter equipment from anyone other than Mählers. I have two DPD-3700 diagonal ploughs, and they’re a real joy to use. There flexible and easy to use, and if I run into something on the road surface, the plough steel is springloaded,” says Lindsethmo.

With Rasco in the crew Lindsethmo ploughs and grits county and municipal roads for Veidrift AS and Overhalla Municipality, along three routes totalling 63 kilometres. The roads are narrow, winding and above all steep.

“That’s why the DPD ploughs are perfect. They’re extremely flexible and suit my needs really well, as I have to turn the plough and throw the snow toward the opposite side,” says Lindsethmo. A Rasco sand spreader, supplied by Mählers, and a grader blade from Mählers, are also hitched to one of the trucks, a Volvo FH16.

“I chose the biggest container, 12 cubic metres, to the spreader to avoid having to fill sand so often. The container has vibrators on the box and the funnel, and works extremely well. It’s easy to use and always grits properly,” says Lindsethmo. And the grader blade has its own history in Namdalen.

Lacks nothing

1992. The year began with the worst storm ever on the Norwegian mainland, the New Year hurricane. The year when Denmark won the European soccer championship and Iron Maiden released Fear of the Dark was when a new standard was set in Namdalen. It was the year when Lindsethmo Transport first saw the light of day, and the first time a centre-mounted grader blade carefully caressed the asphalt in Namdalen. “My dad started the company with a tipper truck equipped with the district’s first centre-mounted grader blade. He cleared snow in the winter and drove blacktop in the summer. We still do. I use Mählers grader blades on all my trucks,” says Lindsethmo. The blade he’s talking about is a type HB3N and it’s been hitched to a Volvo FH16 from 2013 ever since it was purchased, brandnew. This was also the truck to which he hitched his first Mählers plough, and ever since he’s never left anything behind other than a whirlwind of spindrift and an immaculate road surface.

“The products meet my every need, and I have nothing but praise for the simple maintenance and availability of spare parts. Mählers has robust, durable products; they are competitively priced and enjoy fantastic follow-up,” concludes Lindsethmo.