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Mählers is supplying 5.5-metre-wide snowploughs to Greenland’s airports – faster airfield clearance

Swedish plough manufacturer Mählers recently delivered three Mählers DP55 diagonal ploughs to Greenland. The 5.5-metre-wide snowploughs are especially designed to clear away snow from airfields and other large surfaces that require really rapid clearance times. Danish Scania dealer I.M. Stiholt A/S delivered the ploughs together with a new Scania P 360 XT 4X4 to the airport in Sisimiut in the west of Greenland.

“I’m really pleased that Mählers gets to put Swedish Jämtland industry on the map of Greenland,” says Urban Jonsson, salesman at Mählers in Rossön and the person who sold the latest plough to Greenland.

I.M. Stiholt sells all kinds of vehicles and its customers range from single car owners to companies with up to 20 trucks.

“We’ve been selling trucks all over Greenland for the past 35 years and I’ve been going to see customers there for the past 21 years,” says Henrik Steffensen, workshop manager at Stiholt.

When the government-owned Greenland Airport Authority (Mittarfeqarfiit) wanted to purchase a new truck to its Sisimiut airfield, they chose a Scania P 360 XT 4X4 as offered by Stiholt. The truck was delivered with a Mählers DP55 airfield plough, a giant with a 5.5 metre plough width and the Mählers front plough hitch and MC2B control system.

“The airport authority had previously used other truck brands, so it feels particularly good to get our foot in the door with a Scania. Stiholt has delivered many Scania trucks to Greenland over the years, and built up a high level of aftermarket service, which was one of the factors behind the switch to a new brand. And a Mählers plough was the obvious choice as both the customer and Stiholt have enjoyed positive experiences with Mählers products,” continues Henrik Steffensen.

Focusing on plough safety
Apart from the width, the safety factor was important in the choice of plough. Like Mählers other diagonal ploughs, the DP55 has steel brackets with a safety type which is triggered in the event of a collision with protruding obstacles. The plough is available with guide wheels or slider shoes.

“Now we’re looking forward to continue expanding in Greenland and we naturally hope to sell more Scania trucks there fitted with Mählers ploughs,” Henrik Steffensen concludes.

Publicerat: 23 February, 2021