Mählers launches powerful sweeper for trucks & wheel loaders

Mählers, the leading snow plough manufacturer, continues to broaden its range. The company is now launching the SOP-LB2800, a hydraulic rotating sweeper, intended for use on trucks & wheel loaders. The sweeper features an “active” float mode that gives balanced pressure on the ground and follows contours. A unique feature that gives the right brush pressure evenly across its full width, regardless of its position relative to the host vehicle. This also contributes to increased bristle lifetime.

“Our tests show that the active float mode provides significant savings for brushes and increased efficiency,” says Oscar Nyberg, designer at Mählers who helped develop the new sweeper.

Andreas Ottosson, Ottossons Åkeri AB, is one of the contractors who have been involved in testing the LB2800 at the company’s Ljungby L13 facility, and he confirms that life expectancy is unusually long for this type of sweeper.

“Yes, we found that the new sweeper lasts considerably longer compared to other brands, which, when combined with high capacity, bodes well for Mählers,” says Andreas Ottosson.

The LB2800 sweeper can swivel through ± 35º, can be equipped with lateral displacement and irrigation with separate water tank. The sweeper is designed for easy maintenance, and the brush-rings can be quickly replaced by hand.

“Bristle lifetime and fast maintenance mean that we can make maximum use of the short street-sweeping season,” states Ottosson

Mählers have announced that the LB2800 will be unveiled at this year’s Maskin-Expo, when it will be available for immediate ordering.

Technical characteristics of the SOP-LB2800
Intended for trucks and wheel loaders
Brush width (straight): 2800 mm
Minimum brushing width: 2350 mm
Minimum transport width: 3025 mm
Maximum angle: ± 35 º
Circumference of brush rings: 915 mm
Hydraulic flow: 40 – 80 L/min
Net weight: 850 kg
Ground clearance at max. lift: 200 mm

Publicerat: 28 May, 2019