Mählers launches smart and safe control system for all equipment on truck

Following years of development and rigorous testing, Mählers’ new proportional control system, MC3, is now ready to be launched into the market. The system has been developed to enable softer, safer control and enhanced fingertip sensitivity when ploughing, planing, salting, gritting or emptying the tipper. MC3 is built to facilitate remote support which makes it possible to connect the control system via the mobile network and receive technical support regardless of the customer’s location. MC3 also meets the latest, leading machine safety standard, EN ISO 13849, making it one of the most secure control systems in the market for road maintenance products.

‘The task was to develop a modular control system with a focus on the right feel, ergonomics and highest levels of safety. We think we have succeeded in that, and so do our customers,’ says Ingemar Nyberg, CEO of Mählers and Project Manager for MC3.

MC3 is a proportional control system which means that all plough equipment can be controlled continuously. Furthermore, the software in MC3 is adapted to support other features such as sand and salt equipment, as well as tippers.

‘This is exactly what we mean by modular. Our ambition is for MC3 to successfully control all extra equipment on the truck,’ says Ingemar Nyberg.

Control of the plough and other equipment occurs via MIG2, an ergonomic and multifunctional joystick. Originally, the joystick was developed to control Engcon’s tilt rotators for excavators.

‘We already had a great joystick “in the family”, which meant the natural next step was to use it for Mählers’ own needs,’ says Ingemar Nyberg.

Support and updates to the MC3 software are possible via the ‘Mählers Control System 3’ app, which is available for download to Android phones via the Google Play store. Customers then call support, who are able to connect to MC3 regardless of the truck’s location.

‘The workshop has developed this approach to reading error codes, making adjustments to the system, sending software updates and so on, regardless of where the truck is. This will save many unnecessary journeys to the workshop,’ says Ingemar Nyberg.

MC3 has been test driven by 16 customers in Sweden and Norway – with excellent results. It will be available to order during the spring of 2019.

Contact: Roar Wehn, +47 909 35 698, roar.wehn@mahlers.no

Features of the Mählers MC3 control system and MIG2 joystick:

• Proportional control ensures smooth operation.
• Ergonomic joystick with a multifunctional control palette, mounted on a comfortable armrest to ensure pleasant control.
• Simultaneous control of functions that streamline operation.
• Dual potentiometers for parallel control of contact pressure features to enhance precision.
• The Android application for remote support and updates to the control system via mobile simplifies support.

• Tipper control, able to adapt to different add-ons.
• Modular, easy to expand with extra modules.
• Salt and grit spreader activation and opportunity to connect to MIO for control.
• Advanced internal error detection, operating information and status indicator.

• Fulfils EN ISO 13849, third party certification.
• All controls fulfil the PLd safety requirements.
• CANopen Safety compatible for safer control.
• Monitoring of spreading functions with slide monitoring in the hydraulics.
• Safety valve in every hydraulic block.

Publicerat: 21 March, 2019