Flexiway II

Flexiway II – the next step in the new generation of snow plows
In 2012, Mählers presented its Flexiway diagonal plow, an innovative and completely new concept in an otherwise rather traditional industry: snow plowing with trucks.
The option of side-shifting the plow ± 450 mm, being able to switch easily from left-hand plowing to right-hand plowing, the option of pressurising the cutter with full control and in an infinitely variable manner, based on two separate and articulated sections, are just some of the solutions that were welcomed with open arms.
Not only did Flexiway offer revolutionary technical solutions, but also innovation which changed the way in which people plowed. This led to dramatic improvements in the end results.
Thousands of hours, thousands of kilometres, all driven by experienced, professional snow plow operators, have resulted in some valuable information which has now culminated in the Flexiway II, a substantial upgrade to the first version.

Some of the improvements
• Improved lifting geometry (lifts equally regardless of position)
• Improved lifting height
• Improved ejection height
• Modified ejection minimises the risk for snow on the windscreen
• Improved and more service-friendly hydraulics box
• Reinforced plough box
• Reinforced and modified blade holder allows optimal use of the blade
• Reinforced joint with expansion bolt between plough boxes
• Modified position light bracket for maximum visibility even in transport position
• Reinforced gate
• Load bearing valves on the side ejection cylinders
• Reinforced design of the extending parts

Technical Information

Model Flexiway II
Cutting width (mm): 3 400, 3 700, 4 200
Minimum operating width (mm): 3230
Height, right (mm): 870-1170
Height, left (mm): 980
Rotation (°): 24-42
Wear bars (pcs): 4-6
Side extension (mm): ± 450
Weight incl bracket (kg): 650
Weight incl fitting (kg): 1000-1200