Equipped for all weather conditions with System Mählers

Tool and equipment for trucks and road graders

System Mählers is a complete product range that opens up new business opportunities and helps you utilise your truck or road grader fully all year round. Our tools are built to last for season after season and raise your capacity in summer and winter. Flexible couplings facilitate mounting and plow changes.

The picture shows examples of Mähler´s quality tools and accessories.

The parallelogram in System Mählers allows plows for wheel loaders to be used with trucks. System Mählers also includes a grader blade for trucks and side plows, snow guards, trenching blades and gravel spreaders for road graders.

The catalogue – your complete guide

Here you find the latest edition of Mähler’s catalogue. It gives you a good picture of our whole range and how you can equip your machine for the best possible efficiency, versatility and profitability. In other words, new ways to develop your machine and your business concept.

Catalogue »PDF

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