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Flexiway II - at the top of Micke’s wish list Driver Mikael ‘Micke’ Sundman at the highways department knew exactly the plough he wanted on his new Scania – a Flexiway II. But procurements have their rules, so the request for tender from head of… New plough for agricultural tractors: The smaller DPH has all the big advantages Mählers DPH3700 high-throw diagonal plough was a great hit last winter. Now it's time for little brother DPH3400 to make its debut – the same robust design as the DPH3700, but 300 mm narrower. "It … Just drop it and go… We are approaching a steep uphill stretch and the automatic transmission on Micke Forselius’ Scania R560 calmly drops a couple of cogs and the V8 roars reassuringly. At the front of the Scania there … The market's widest plough means bare road in a single pass The contractor Mesta is responsible for the major part of Norway's road network and it covers everything from veritable mountain roads to narrow roads that loop around the fjords and mountains. Mesta… Örjan tests the new DPD plough: “I’ll be happy to keep it!” It’s a well-known fact that as we get older tend to be less willing to try out new things. With age comes experience; we know what works best and we’re comfortably settled in our ways. So in other wo… Svevia relies on Mählers Svevia dominates Swedish winter road maintenance. And as the Deputy Head of Machines, Lennart Johansson only chooses products and suppliers he can rely on. “When it comes to ploughs, Mählers is our… Design and plough width decided the choice of side plough Dobloug Entreprenör A/S was looking for a solution which would help them get more out of their ploughing, and they decided to go with Mählers. Mählers control system improved my work It’s the end of April, the sun has shown its face again after a night of snow, and we’re waiting at a roadside café just south of Levanger for the main protagonist for one of today’s meetings. We don… Flexiway II – a hit! Ottossons Åkeri AB, one of the larger haulage companies in Strömsund, ran the Flexiway II on one of its trucks during the winter of 2013/2014, and owner Janne Ottosson doesn’t hesitate when we ask hi… "It scrapes really clean" The month is April and the thermometer indicates just a few degrees above zero. There’s a real snowstorm blowing and we are travelling along road 342 close to Lidsjöberg, 70 km north of Strömsund in …

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