Side Plow 45-B
10 foot | 12 foot | 14 foot


Side plow 45-B is a new and updated version of the best-selling side plow that now ejects the snow both higher and further.

The 45-B side plow rests on a height-adjustable supporting plate while in operation. A wheel assembly on the plow frame ensures optimum contact with the contours of the road. Delivered with a moveable mounting bracket for attachment to a front support hinge A steel cable serves as an extra security device.


  • Minimal transport width and maximum working/plowing width
  • Straight rear section of the plow makes it easier to reach barriers and posts
  • Hydraulic sequential valve; automatic control of the sliding bar and wing extension (in that order)
  • Standard base section. The plow is easily adjusted to 10, 12, 14 or 16 foot cutting length with a removable front section
  • Low steel wear


  • Hydraulically mounted ejection cylinder with sequential valve Tema 7511/7521
  • Slide shoe and wheel set on the wing and plow frame
  • Position light (LED) and flashing beacon/3-pole electrical plug
  • Hydraulic piping and hydraulic connection Tema 5011/5021
  • Standard mounting device, “thumb” type
  • Rear connection bolt and bolt-on hitch
  • Plow steel


  • Rubber blade cassette for use as a slush side plow (L=3 feet/L=4 feet)

NB! In order to fit the truck it is necessary to mount the forward side plow hitch, hydraulic extension type US-84 and parallelogram. Side plow 45-B is intended for normal side plough operation. A road scraper and SVH-plow are recommended for snow trenching.

Technical Information

Model 10 fot 12 fot 14 fot 16 fot
Operating width Step 1 (mm): 1750 1750 1750 1750
Operating width Step 2 (mm): 2700 3000 3000 3100
Cutting length (mm): 3060 3660 4270 4880
Overall height (mm): 1320 1320 1320 1320
Transport width (mm): 800 800 800 800
Total weight (kg): 800 855 905 955
Steel blade L=1,220 (mm): - 3 1 4
Steel blade L=1,525 (mm): 2 - 2 0

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