Covid-19 will not stop the snow from falling

Mählers increases sales and doubles its workforce

Mählers increases sales and doubles its workforce

Covid-19 is the one thing all of us have in common this year. Snow plough manufacturer Mählers, which turns 125 this year, had to cancel its planned celebrations, and last spring nobody knew what effect Covid-19 would have on the road maintenance industry. Mählers began preparing for a downturn as they thought the propensity to invest would fade due to the widespread uncertainty. But trends soon went in the opposite direction and Mählers had to quickly reorganise for an increase in sales.

“The phones were really quiet over the summer and we began to believe that circumstances had made our customers a little cautious about investing in new winter equipment. Our manning level was already really low, and we also began to lower our sales forecasts to reflect a possible decline. But as the summer holidays began to draw near, more and more customers started calling and pretty soon we'd beaten the sales figures for previous years”, says Ingemar Nyberg, Mählers CEO.

Now they had to be quick. The purchasing department contacted all of their suppliers and tasked them with increasing delivery rates; additional personnel were hired and external forges engaged. The incredibly rapid turnaround resulted in a chain of events in which every link had to do its part and deliver.

“The greatest personnel reinforcements were made on the assembly line, and it usually takes a while before the entire team is fine tuned and things are running like clockwork. Nevertheless, nothing really got in the way of our production increase”, says Joakim Sjödin, production manager at the Mählers factory in Rossön.

Daniel Persson from the company Hallvikens Mekaniska was one of the reinforcements on our assembly line, and he found being part of the assembly unit in Rossön very interesting.

“It's great to be here and help assemble products we usually just deliver a lot of components to”, says Daniel Persson, as he bolts steel brackets to a plough that will soon be leaving the factory.

Now Mählers has weathered the worst of the storm and some of its customers are already using the ploughs they ordered just a few months ago.

“Once again I'm really proud to re-state just what a fantastic crew we have, and they always deliver when it counts, Covid or no Covid”, says Ingemar Nyberg.

Daniel Persson, Hallvikens Mekaniska

Joakim Sjödin, Mählers

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