Unique plough hitch for the ploughing of the future

During 2015, the EU is introducing the requirement of radar in the front of some truck chassis. This radar is an important part of the AEBS emergency braking system. (Directive EU347/2012.)

This has brought new challenges for manufacturers of snow ploughs as the current hitch systems, VV95, Norway plate and DIN plate, conceal the radar's field of view and it must therefore be deactivated when the plough hitch is mounted.

Through a collaboration with Volvo and Scania, Mählers has developed a radar-adapted plough hitch: a plough hitch that not only has a completely new design compared to its predecessors, it also has a hitch that is adapted to today's modern radar technology.

"The new 'radar hitch' allows the radar fitted to the front of the truck to work and not be concealed with the plough dismounted," Ingemar Nyberg, Design Manager at Mählers, says.

Ingemar tells us that the new and radar-adapted hitch system is based on the plough securing device being moved from the truck to be fitted to the plough instead, creating a free field for the radar.

–The system is being tested now during the winter season 2015-2016 and is planned to be introduced during the autumn of 2016 for the most common models of Scania and Volvo," says Ingemar.

Mählers will be offering adapters with coupling gate for older ploughs. NB! The new EU directive applies only to countries in the EU.

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